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Whitney Merkel

My musical journey started when I was about five years old. In my kindergarten choir, I developed a quick comprehension of pitches, rhythms, and harmonies. I received significant attention and discipline from my music teacher, which helped to push me to pursue and fulfill higher expectations. By age six, I was playing piano by ear and my mother immediately enrolled me in lessons when she recognized my abilities. I remained in school choirs through all of elementary, middle, and high school, in addition to taking guitar, piano, and voice lessons whenever we could afford it. I joined a rock band music program when I was twelve and developed a love of alternative and classic rock. It was around this time I’d come to realize that music was all I ever want to do and decided to pursue with all of the energy and passion that I had. I went to the Berklee Five-Week program when I was 16 and joined a serious band playing paid gigs at local venues and larger outdoor festivals. Since then I’ve also branched out into playing solo acoustic gigs and writing original music.

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